Distributing Irrigation Dosing Pump to a Large Extent

Dosing pumps, also known as metering pumps, are able to inject and displace a certain dose of a fluid, hence the name “injection pump”. In these pumps, the flow is adjustable and as a result, the injection operation is performed according to the line pressure. Due to the fact that in agriculture, irrigation of plants is a very important and vital issue and during the irrigation process, the important issue of water saving is also important. For this purpose, irrigation dosing pumps are widely used today and the export market of this product is very prosperous.

Distributing Irrigation Dosing Pump to a Large Extent

Irrigation Dosing Pump Vs Irrigation District Pump

 Irrigation Dosing Pump Vs Irrigation District Pump The most important difference between these two pumps is how they work. The dosing pump has a continuous but irrigation district pump function. Another difference between the two pumps is their suction power. Suction power in dosing pumps eventually reaches two meters. While this amount is much higher in district pumps. The maximum output pressure of the district pump is 4 times. One of the reasons is the tube in its structure. Because the operation of the district pump depends on the flexibility and bending of this tube. At high pressure with dosing pump pressures, the hose loses its ability to bend. In this way, its performance will be affected. But dosing pumps are also suitable for higher pressures.

The district pump price is lower than the dosing pump. The reason is that there is no need for parts such as seals and seals in the district pump. Another difference between these two pumps is their adjustability. Dosing pumps in all ranges have the ability to adjust the amount of injection. But most district pumps are only adjustable in low ranges. Injection pumps require more maintenance than district pumps. The applications of these two pumps are also different. Among the main cases of using dosing pumps in water, wastewater, oil and gas industries (such as chlorination dosing pumps, lime injection, anti-scaling dosing, etc.). But district pumps are often used in laboratory, medical and food industries.

How Do We Work with Dosing Pump for Irrigating?

How Do We Work with Dosing Pump for Irrigating? The dosing method of the pump is such that it draws the exact amount of material into its chamber and injects the material into the tank through a pipe. The motor is powered by an electric motor or an air drive and has a controller that turns the pump on and off and controls the flow rate. Some models include more sophisticated control systems.

Observing the following points in the installation of pumps will improve the performance of the injection pump or dosing pump. You must pay attention to all safety points and that the installation must be in the right place. When using corrosive liquids, you should pay attention to the resistance of the pump components. Make sure that no toxic substances leak, as the dosing pump will start working immediately after being connected to the power supply. If you work with a liquid that should not be in contact with water, completely remove all the effects of water. If you want to set the pump to a certain final dose of liquid, it must be planned at the factory. Do not exceed the maximum dose specified for suction pressure and height. Ventilation must be done, to ensure ventilation of equipment, be sure to use the right size fittings and nozzles.

Irrigation Dosing Pump at Lower Price

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