Industrial High pressure water pump for sale

A high-pressure pump, as its name implies, has high static pressure and makes it able to pump the fluids to a higher height or head and is highly demanded in an industrial setting for sale. The sale of this type of water pump is because high-pressure pumps do not have several helical-shaped chambers that are connected, the size of the high-pressure pump will be very large, so a diffuser is used for this pump, so this type of water pump is more affordable. The application of high-pressure pump:

  • Preparation and pumping of a city water
  • Condensing water pumping
  • Industrial installation system
  • Fire system
  • Transportation and pumping of water for industrial use
  • Water supply consumption
  • Booster pumps
  • Sprinkler irrigation system
  • Boiler feed pump

In a water supply system, the choices to increase the efficiency of the system and the life of the pump are very important. Since it is very important to know the operating pressure of the system, we must know the head and flow of the system to be able to choose the pump.

In systems that require high working pressure with low flow, a high-pressure class pump is used. The highest efficiency of high-class pressure pumps in water supply systems is exactly at the optimal point of these pumps or BEF point, and to select such a pump, knowing the path length, flow path height, pipe size, and pressure drop in the system must be calculated.

The engine drove high-pressure water pump

The power of a high-pressure pump depends directly on the power of its engine driven. Most pumps engine used in buildings, industries, fire engines, and agriculture includes the following four items:

  • Gasoline engines
  • Diesel engine, which runs on diesel
  • Engines work with oil and gasoline
  • Electric engine

Motor engines are used either for clean water or as sludge and foam in wells and mud pits, these two activities require different engine terms of pump engine consumption resources, their diversity makes it possible to use different pump engines in different situations. For example, if you want a pump engine for an area without electricity and far from the town, the best options are diesel engines, gasoline engines, and oil-gasoline engines.

The engine drove high-pressure water pump

for example, for pumping water, the river is not accessible to the farm. Gasoline generators or generators that are connected to the tractor can be used to supply electricity. These are ways to supply electricity to the farm, but there is a simpler solution, using a gasoline and diesel engine for a diameter of 2 inches and medium consumption such as irrigation one using gasoline engines is recommended, regarding this issue.

But because of The high price of gasoline and high-water consumption, the diesel pump motors can help you, and for pumping more than a few hours a day with a diameter of 3 inches, it is recommended to use diesel pump motors because it is more economical to use diesel than to consume gasoline.

High-pressure pump manufacturers

The high-pressure pump is sold directly from the manufacturer company and supplier in different sizes from one to 6 inches. High-pressure pumps are centrifugal horizontal pumps that have multi-stage bearing impellers with an enclosure that has a radical cut. In these types of water pumps, every stage is sealed by O-ring and the stages are connected by special screws.

The forces applied to the pump shaft are neutralized by bearings and roller bearings lubricated with grease. High-pressure multi-stage pumps play an important role in agricultural water supply systems and are used in sprinkler and drip irrigation systems with high path length and discharge height.

These pumps are sometimes supplied with impeller lathes because it does not put pressure on the motor. In impeller cutting, the volume of discharge is not different, but the height of discharge is affected. Therefore, it is very important to know the amount of engine power. We should also know that the size of the inlet and outlet pipes should be closed to a larger size so that the full capacity of the pump discharge volume can be used.

High-pressure pump manufacturers

The agricultural multi-stage water pump is manufactured in different dimensions of 1 to 10 inches and has a pressure of 35 bar.  Also, the speed of the electric motor has a great impact on the price of agricultural multi-stage water pumps and is often produced at 1500 and 3000 rpm. The body of the agricultural multi-stage water pump is made of steel or cast iron and has a high resistance to rust or heat.

On the other hand, this model of multi-stage pumps has two shapes, horizontal and vertical, and the price of agricultural class water pumps is different for each of them.  The vertical multi-stage water pump has a smaller cross-section and is often used in parallel for smaller locations.

High-pressure pump head

Head (height) or water pressure means how high a pump (under standard conditions) raises the fluids under pressure. For centrifugal water pumps, the head or water pressure is expressed in meters (m) or feet (ft), and for rotary pumps and positive displacement, the pump pressure is expressed in BAR, PSI, and KPA. In other words, head means height and refers to the difference in level.

For example, a pump with a flow rate equal to Q per second and a height of 30 meters can pump a quantity of Q Littre or fluid per second to a height of 30 meters. The amount of pumping height of each pump is calculated based on the impeller diameter and the rotation speed of the pump motor, and the type of fluid being pumped is not important.

High-pressure pump head

In other words, in the above example, the pump can pump the number of Q liters of pumped fluid, including pure water, oil or mercury, etc. to the height of 30 liters per second, and the difference is only in the amount of pump power consumed to pump fluid. The amount of pressure is the amount of pressure applied to each unit of the ground (for example, kg/cm2) and care must be taken not to confuse it with the amount of height.

In the case of liquid pumping, the amount of pressure that the liquid exerts on the ground surface is equal to the product of the pumping height multiplied by the specific weight of the pumped liquid. The function and operation of the high-pressure pump are such that the fluid enters the pump from the inner part of the suction and the inner tube. It goes inside the impeller. the fluid has a pressure of zero and when it is absorbed into the impeller, its pressure increases by moving from the impeller blades to the external environment of the impeller.

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