Irrigation Oil Pump for Sale

Irrigation oil pumps are sold by many agricultural companies. The sale of these pumps can be done both in person and in absentia. Some stores also sell these pumps online. The sale of irrigation oil pumps is very prosperous because there are many farmers and artisans who need this practical tool. Contact us for more information.

 Irrigation Oil Pump for Sale

Using Oil Pump for Dripping Well

Using Oil Pump for Dripping  Well  oil pump uses used to transfer ordinary oil or hot oil. There are different categories of pumps and centrifuges that are widely used. This category also has different types, each of which is used for different fluids. One of the models in this category is hot oil pumps, which are used for fluids with temperatures above 100 ° C. Hot oil pumps are from the family of centrifugal pumps. These pumps are designed to transfer or circulate liquids such as industrial oils with a high temperature of up to 380 ° C or water with a high temperature of up to 200 ° C without solids. Hot oil pumps are usually made of cast iron with high heat resistance. The axis of these pumps is completely sealed by mechanical sealing against leakage. Mechanical seal materials and internal components in hot oil pumps are chemically compatible with petroleum derivatives. In order to ensure high sealing, the mechanical sealing of these irrigation pump with oil is of double type. The hot oil pump consists of a chamber, impeller, shaft, bearing, and seal. Shaft sealing of these pumps is done in two parts. One part is behind the impeller, which uses graphite or silicon carbide bushes or even brass with special tolerances that prevent high and high-pressure oil flow to the bearings, and the other part includes mechanical seals. The specifications of this pump are high mechanical resistance and rigid impeller, large sealing space for easy washing of Abendiria flood, fixed chamber parts for high safety made of cast iron, anti-wear bearings with grease-type protective plate, used for Torch fuel injection system used in solar fluid transmission systems for heat exchange.

Types of Oil Pump for Using Widely

Types of Oil Pump for Using Widely Application of oil pumps includes hot oil circulation in food and beverage industries, industrial and mineral oil transfer, plastic injection plants, trans oil circulation, in the construction industry in brick press, prefabricated concrete parts, heating systems in large buildings, Oil and petrochemical industries in power plants, oil production, production of solvents by an evaporation method, heat exchangers, in the machine-building industry in cooling of welding machines, hot water circulation in solar systems, glass factories and in wood industries And the paper in board presses, plywood, and veneer, gluing machines, rollers, dryer cylinders. These devices have different types depending on their application, which are mentioned below: centrifugal hot oil pump, gear oil pump, magnetic hot oil pump, slow oil hot pump, hot oil pump and magnetic. To select a suitable hot oil pump, the two components of head and flow required must be calculated. Heads in hot oil pumps include piping losses, fittings, valves, heat exchanger droplets, and hot oil boilers. The flow in hot oil pumps includes the volume of oil required for proper exchange in the heat exchanger. The operating mechanism of hot oil pumps is centrifugal and it is suitable for handling dilute liquids. In these pumps, the liquid first enters the pump impeller through the suction nozzle. By rotating the impeller, the liquid moves in the direction of the radius towards the pump chamber and causes a pressure drop. Creating a pressure drop causes the liquid to be sucked from the inlet.

Vintage Irrigation Oil Pump Manufacturers

 Vintage Irrigation Oil Pump Manufacturers Manufacturers of old irrigation oil pumps are active in many cities and provinces of the country. These oil pump in high production to the markets with excellent quality. These manufacturers market these pumps in bulk and in part. In Iran, many companies are now producing this type of pump with different qualities.

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