Irrigation Pressure Pump Global Market

The global market for irrigation pressure pump is booming today, due to the fact that the quality of these pumps has greatly improved and farmers no longer have to use traditional methods for irrigation, hence the demand for this product in global markets. As you know, quality in the market is very important and the high quality of this product of our company has caused the demand for it in the market to expand day by day.

 Irrigation Pressure Pump Global Market

High and Low Pressure Irrigation Pump Usages

High and Low Pressure Irrigation Pump Usages high pressure irrigation pump are produced by the German company Kamat and the profession of this company is the production of high-pressure pumps. This pump is basically a multi-stage centrifugal pump, which has more classes and more pressure than a conventional centrifugal pump. Example: Pumpiran high-pressure pump is basically a kind of centrifugal pump. It has a radial section and bearing impellers, has a number of floors and has a separate motor. Sealing work is done by o-rings attached to each floor. The two lubricated bearings on either side of the impellers are responsible for resisting the radial and axial forces acting on the pump shaft. The operation of the high-pressure pump is such that the fluid enters the pump from the inside of the suction and the inner tube. Goes inside the butterfly. The fluid has a pressure of zero, and when it is absorbed into the impeller, its pressure increases as it moves from the impeller blades to the external environment of the impeller. In low-pressure irrigation pump; Water distribution in the network is done by low-pressure pipelines and irrigation inside farms by surface irrigation method. In other words, in this method, water reaches the desired location using the available water pressure or by creating low pressure and is gradually provided to the roots. In this method, there is no need for pumping, pool and dripper, and the primary energy is provided due to the difference in water level from the source to the farm. The low-pressure irrigation pump system is in fact an intermediate solution between the use of open channel systems and mechanized pressurized irrigation systems, which allows achieving water distribution efficiency in farms up to 3% in good conditions. It should be noted that the pipes used in low-pressure irrigation are made of soft polyethylene pipes with a diameter of 40 mm and are permanent and do not need to be replaced. In this method, irrigation pump for garden working pressure of the pipes is less than 10 meters.

What Types of Pressure Fit for Garden?

What Types of Pressure Fit for Garden? Gardens, kitchen gardens, flower beds, lawns, everything needs regular watering. Conventional irrigation pumps do not always work. Irrigation has its own characteristics because the irrigation pump based on water pressure for the garden, flowers, and grass is selected separately in a completely different way. When a small river, pond or pool is introduced, water pollution requirements are added to the specification. If the pool water is still clean, there is enough pollution in the river or pond, so standard equipment does not work in normal models because it is designed for clean water. Contaminated water can pump drainage pumps with proper water and garden pressure. When watering containers and barrels, the work becomes more interesting. The water, in this case, is not clean either, so drainage pumps are suitable, but none but the least. It all depends on the amount of water in the barrel. Some companies produce special pumps for barrels. They are characterized only by low efficiency and the ability to pump contaminated water. They are small in size and weight, but more expensive than similar valleys. But the barrel pump for watering the garden is small and light.

Irrigation Pressure Pump at Best Price

 Irrigation Pressure Pump at  Best Price Irrigation pump usages with the best price can be easily purchased from various stores and companies, you can also buy these pumps at a reasonable and cheap price through the Internet.

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